Report: Between a rock and a hard place

The dramatic decision to migrate involves displacement of a person, a family, or a people group from their home to another place, either within their county or outside the country. Migration implies abandoning one’s intended life and facing uncertainty, xenophobia, and deprivation of basic needs as they search for safety, food, or economic opportunity. This age-old phenomenon involves different types of people and arises from different associated causes. In today’s world, it includes food insecurity, personal safety risk, lack of access to medical or other basic services and the extreme vulnerability, as well as different forms of discrimination.

This document, based on a World Vision study in different countries in South America, addresses this double-edged problem in the daily life of Venezuelan children. It also shows the changes due to the situation, the risks and the violation of the rights of children and adolescents who have migrated from Venezuela to different countries in the region, or who still are in that country. Although the latter group does not fit into the category of migrants, World Vision also researched about their situation in the context of the pandemic.


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